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File Storage

Students, assistants, and instructors can access a personal file management tool using the File Storage area, if enabled for a course. Workspaces can be selected for storing files, their presence depending on one's access rights:

To move between workspaces, select them from the dropdown menu and use the Go! button. To view a file in the File Storage area, download and open it locally on your own computer.

Create Folders and Adding Files

To organize files, folders can be created using the Create Folder feature at the top right of the file area. To upload a new file, with an optional description of its contents, use the New File feature at the top left. The file will be uploaded to the currently opened directory.

Managing Files

It is also possible to Download files to your hard drive, Hand In a file for an assignment, Edit file details and rename folders, Move files around within a workspace, as well as Delete files and folders. Depending on the type of workspace, the buttons that appear will vary.

File Revisions

If enabled, file revisions can be kept, so a history of the document or file is available. Uploading a file of the same name as one that exists, will create a second version of the file, and so on. With each revision comments can be added, to summarize the changes from authors, and to perhaps collect feedback from reviewers.

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